Chains of Destiny

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 9

The group gathers their wits as well as their fallen charge and relocate to Abel’s Birthplace, placing his broken corpse where they found it in a last ditch hope that it might help, and begin going through the files and information found at the drug manufacturing site. There are some disturbing things to be read within..

The next night, in a spectacular display of crackling energy, Abel suddenly reanimates, his corpse-flesh knitting and healing back together! He immediately stands, disoriented but otherwise completely unharmed. He is unable to explain this feat, but seems to somehow know that he can only achieve this once in his current condition.

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 8
Tooth and Nail

A group of leeches arrive on the scene, attacking the pack. They are somewhat organized, including what may be a Giovanni, a clan of vampires that Henry reveals are knowledgeable about the arts of Necromancy, another vampire of which Henry does not identify the clan, and a van full of strange leeches which are all similar in appearance, hairless and nearly identical. These “Blood Brothers” as Henry later learns they are called seem to be diabolical creations from leech magicks or Wyrm influence, able to share their vampiric vitae to heal each other, and perform horrific feats such as exchanging body parts with one another on the fly. The pack tears them apart in a bloody battle on the dark streets outside the drug manufacturing operation.

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 7
Bullet Hell

There he lay, his newly-remade body broken and shattered on the floor. Their mission- failed. The new friend they had helped to teach like adopted fathers- dead and gone. They would never be a pack, never find their place. Filled with despair and Rage, they howled as one.

As plumes of smoke still rise from bullet holes and blood still bubbles from wounds and drips from claws, they hear a sound..

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 6
Electric Boogaloo

The motley collection of displaced monsters spends some time working on pet projects- namely Bo’s Haunt, Bo’s living ex girlfriend, and Abel. Realizing how much damage the Creature was able to sustain, Sarah the Glasswalker decided it would be a good way to test his limits and knowledge having him attempt to do simple electrical repairs on ancient wiring, knowing he’d likely survive if something went wrong. As Abel got ahold of the wires however, something happened. A very slight sound could be heard from inside Abel’s body.. a bubbling, or churning sound of some kind, like a growling stomach. Suddenly Abel bit into the wires as if they were food! The others watched in shock as he was electrocuted…and healed of all injury. He appeared to savor it, like a thirsty man drinking water.

Vampire Henry reported his findings on the targeted drug trafficking to the Nosferatu Bertram Tung. In exchange, Bertram revealed the location of a building in the Nos’ files that had a symbol on it that matched the one in Abel’s Birthplace. He also noted that the Nosferatu keep a file full of strange symbols and glyphs if that was of interest. Of course, the Kindred don’t usually do things for free..

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 5
Dealing With Death

The pack finds themselves in a very strange situation- at the vampire Henry’s request, they have agreed to meet with a mysterious man named Jeffrey they have never seen in order to see if it leads to any information about targeted drug dealing. They end up discovering more than that- when the group sets up an ambush it quickly spirals out of control when Henry and Jeffrey lay eyes upon each other with Auspex, each realizing the other has vampire blood in their veins.

Members of the group exchange blows with him, and Henry finishes it by successfully Dominating Jeffrey. At least to each others faces, they agree that there has been a misunderstanding, and the ghoul gratefully leaves in his truck. Little does he know the wraith Bo is riding with him.

Following Jeffrey, Bo overhears him speaking to a man named James. James orders him to meet at a warehouse in an industrial area. Bo carefully follows them inside and attempts to listen to the ensuing conversation, a panicked report on the strange group that ambushed him, but when he mentions the shadowy form he caught a glimpse of not long before, James uses Auspex and discovers Bo. In response he pulls a knife on them. Using an Arcanoi to terrify the vampire and his underlings, Bo chases them through what appears to be a drug manufacturing operation of some kind. Later, he observes a cadre of more vampires and armed men arrive before fleeing the scene.

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 4
Monster House

The would-be pack of misfits gathers again at Abel’s Birthplace to observe him a bit more and discuss strategy. With nothing but the name “Thromm” gathered from a homunculus and a semi-hidden symbol found in the warehouse, the group is at a loss as to how they should find out more about The Creature. With few ideas on the table, the conversation shifts. They begin to realize that with a vampire owner who has plans for the warehouse, they have little choice but to either find a way to purchase it themselves, or find another suitable location to hide Abel and meet safely. The dead teenager Bo, who’s presence continues to shake up the others, suggests the condemned house he haunts. Accepting it as a short term solution, the group makes use of Sarah’s seemingly immense resources and moves everyone and everything from the warehouse to Bo’s Haunt.

In the house, Sarah and Abel begin to make alterations to the basement for their own purposes. The group considers the possibilities of electrical and plumbing as well as the possibility of purchase of the house. Henry the vampire divulges quietly that he is doing a “favor exchange” with a vampire called a “Nosferatu” in order to gain some information, and that this is how vampire society works. He plans to investigate some notion the Nosferatu has that a major current of the illegal drug flow in L.A. is being targeted at a specific demographic, on a large and alarming scale.

Wary of the vampire’s schemes and with little explanation, only the overly curious Glass Walker and suspicious Wendigo agree to help with the investigation, if only to keep an eye on what the Leech is doing. They follow Henry to the UCLA campus where he uses his strange powers to convince a party-goer to get help them get an invite. At the party, the trio attempts to mingle but finds that every single person there is wildly intoxicated. It’s only a matter of time before Henry gets the name and number of the dealer behind most of the substances at the party.

Meanwhile, Bo asks for help with a problem he is having, and the Silverfang Dmitri agrees to assist. The two head to the home of Bo’s parents who are away at church, and Dmitri retrieves a couple of items that seem like common objects- but the impact they have upon him are immediately obvious. They leave the house without incident, but outside Bo appears to be delayed by other wraiths, invisible to the waiting Dmitri, the presence of which Bo seems to take quite seriously..

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 3
Griffith Park

Unlikely acquaintances meet up in Griffith Park, a large L.A. park famous for it’s Hollywood sign among other things. There they learn about the Garou’s ‘Cairn’, a holy site that is kept by a sept, a small group of werewolves of different tribes working together. These cairns are often watched over, their septs advised by an elder Garou. In this case, an old native woman named Marta apparently fills this role. She apologizes that the non Garou in the group cannot enter the cairn, but invites everyone to think of the park as a safe place where they will be protected.

Marta asks about the vampire that is supposed to be with them and all agree he will likely meet up with them again when he has finished his business (and after dark). She calls upon the others to heed the visions and words of the spirits, and form a pack- normally a group of Garou who work together to achieve the same goals. She warns them of the dangers and bias they will face at every turn, even from their own- some of them are natural enemies, and there are many who will not be able to overlook this. Marta reminds them all of how important she believes it is for them to band together despite this.

She reveals just a hint about a vision that has supposedly been seen by some, a vision of these creatures working together, facing a threat of apocalyptic proportions. She believes this unlikely alliance is the very thing that might let them succeed where others would fail..

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 2
It's Alive

A group of uneasy acquaintances, thrust together by forces outside of their full understanding, bear witness to the awakening of a new being. At first the tortured thing seems a threat to the group, but as it reveals the strangely human-like behaviors of fear and confusion and even begins to speak, the real threat becomes clear. Grotesque creatures, seemingly formed from human body parts, lie in wait- hungry for the animating essence inside of the newly emerged Promethean.

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 1

A wolf that is more than a wolf is forced to learn the ways of man in a most unnatural place.

A broken musician returns to LA with a new perspective, and an unexpected admirer.

A teenager must grow up quickly and face trials and sadness that no adult should even bear.

A man from another time must navigate bureaucracy as well as some startling revelations.


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