Odious Chalice

A horrific creation of blood magic


The Chalice is able to hold up to ten points of Vitae, which must be fed to it either from a Kindred or from a willing or incapacitated mortal. Any Kindred may feed from the Odious Chalice, and doing so does not carry any risk of Vinculum, although the risk of Vitae addiction still applies as normal. The Odious Chalice consumes one point of Vitae stored in it every night at sunset, but suffers no ill effects for being “empty.” The Odious Chalice has Size 2 and Structure 3 (though in this case, Structure represents the fortitude of the original Kindred’s body and the nature of the curse placed on it rather than any real structural integrity).


Cursed long ago by some forgotten blood sorcerer, this poor Kindred is doomed to spend the rest of its miserable existence serving as a fount of Vitae for other, more fortunate vampires. The Odious Chalice is a homunculus that resembles a large, fleshy nautilus shell with a single, blinking eye at the center of the spiral.

Odious Chalice

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