Chains of Destiny

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 5

Dealing With Death

The pack finds themselves in a very strange situation- at the vampire Henry’s request, they have agreed to meet with a mysterious man named Jeffrey they have never seen in order to see if it leads to any information about targeted drug dealing. They end up discovering more than that- when the group sets up an ambush it quickly spirals out of control when Henry and Jeffrey lay eyes upon each other with Auspex, each realizing the other has vampire blood in their veins.

Members of the group exchange blows with him, and Henry finishes it by successfully Dominating Jeffrey. At least to each others faces, they agree that there has been a misunderstanding, and the ghoul gratefully leaves in his truck. Little does he know the wraith Bo is riding with him.

Following Jeffrey, Bo overhears him speaking to a man named James. James orders him to meet at a warehouse in an industrial area. Bo carefully follows them inside and attempts to listen to the ensuing conversation, a panicked report on the strange group that ambushed him, but when he mentions the shadowy form he caught a glimpse of not long before, James uses Auspex and discovers Bo. In response he pulls a knife on them. Using an Arcanoi to terrify the vampire and his underlings, Bo chases them through what appears to be a drug manufacturing operation of some kind. Later, he observes a cadre of more vampires and armed men arrive before fleeing the scene.


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