Chains of Destiny

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 8

Tooth and Nail

A group of leeches arrive on the scene, attacking the pack. They are somewhat organized, including what may be a Giovanni, a clan of vampires that Henry reveals are knowledgeable about the arts of Necromancy, another vampire of which Henry does not identify the clan, and a van full of strange leeches which are all similar in appearance, hairless and nearly identical. These “Blood Brothers” as Henry later learns they are called seem to be diabolical creations from leech magicks or Wyrm influence, able to share their vampiric vitae to heal each other, and perform horrific feats such as exchanging body parts with one another on the fly. The pack tears them apart in a bloody battle on the dark streets outside the drug manufacturing operation.


SpecialShoes SpecialShoes

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