Chains of Destiny

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 6

Electric Boogaloo

The motley collection of displaced monsters spends some time working on pet projects- namely Bo’s Haunt, Bo’s living ex girlfriend, and Abel. Realizing how much damage the Creature was able to sustain, Sarah the Glasswalker decided it would be a good way to test his limits and knowledge having him attempt to do simple electrical repairs on ancient wiring, knowing he’d likely survive if something went wrong. As Abel got ahold of the wires however, something happened. A very slight sound could be heard from inside Abel’s body.. a bubbling, or churning sound of some kind, like a growling stomach. Suddenly Abel bit into the wires as if they were food! The others watched in shock as he was electrocuted…and healed of all injury. He appeared to savor it, like a thirsty man drinking water.

Vampire Henry reported his findings on the targeted drug trafficking to the Nosferatu Bertram Tung. In exchange, Bertram revealed the location of a building in the Nos’ files that had a symbol on it that matched the one in Abel’s Birthplace. He also noted that the Nosferatu keep a file full of strange symbols and glyphs if that was of interest. Of course, the Kindred don’t usually do things for free..


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