Chains of Destiny

Chains of Destiny, Chapter 3

Griffith Park

Unlikely acquaintances meet up in Griffith Park, a large L.A. park famous for it’s Hollywood sign among other things. There they learn about the Garou’s ‘Cairn’, a holy site that is kept by a sept, a small group of werewolves of different tribes working together. These cairns are often watched over, their septs advised by an elder Garou. In this case, an old native woman named Marta apparently fills this role. She apologizes that the non Garou in the group cannot enter the cairn, but invites everyone to think of the park as a safe place where they will be protected.

Marta asks about the vampire that is supposed to be with them and all agree he will likely meet up with them again when he has finished his business (and after dark). She calls upon the others to heed the visions and words of the spirits, and form a pack- normally a group of Garou who work together to achieve the same goals. She warns them of the dangers and bias they will face at every turn, even from their own- some of them are natural enemies, and there are many who will not be able to overlook this. Marta reminds them all of how important she believes it is for them to band together despite this.

She reveals just a hint about a vision that has supposedly been seen by some, a vision of these creatures working together, facing a threat of apocalyptic proportions. She believes this unlikely alliance is the very thing that might let them succeed where others would fail..


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